Springwood Pleiones

About Us

Springwood Pleiones are a small family business established in 1985 by Ken and Christine Redshaw. Ken was a professional horticulturist all his working life and has been growing Pleiones for over fifty years. He has produced a number of his own hybrids and was involved with Dr. David Harberd in the hybridising which resulted in Pln.Shantung. The latter is probably still the best and most successful Pleione hybrid ever raised and the nursery specialises, amongst others, in Pln.Shantung "RIDGEWAY", a clone which Ken was responsible for selecting and naming. Other hybrids from the nursery include Dr. Mo Weatherhead, an early free flowering white cross and Vicky with two strong clones selected from this, Sunrise and Sunset. Exhibiting has been a key activity for Springwood Pleiones to promote their bulbs and they have numerous awards to their credit from Chelsea, the World Orchid Show, Harrogate and many others.

Much of our trade is done by mail order. Every order is treated on it's individual merits with regard to costing, dependant on that countries individual regulations. All enquiries are welcome about varieties not listed as the collection contains many more varieties than those which are listed.