Springwood Pleiones

Species and varieties available for sale 2020-2021

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Pln. Alishan (formosana x Versailles) £4.00
lilac-pink, lip well marked yellow-brown.
Limited availability.
Pln. Asama (pleionoides x Vesuvius) £6.00
cerise pink with heavily red marked lips.
Pln. bulbocodioides £4.00
mixed clones of varying shades of mauve and pink, most with good strong lip markings.
Pln. bulbocodioides "Yunnan" £5.00
deep cerise pink, lip deeply marked red, tends to flower later than most.
Pln. Dr. Mo Weatherhead (grandiflora x humilis) £12.00
our own introduction, good strong grower, early flowering mixed clones, ivory white, lip flushed yellow marked red and yellow to varying degrees.
Pln. Dr. Mo Weatherhead (grandiflora x humilis) "Springwood" £25.00
a carefully selected and named clone, pure ivory white, lip flushed pale yellow and deeply marked brick red.
Pln. El-Pico (Versailles x bulbocodioides) "Pheasant" £5.00
very deep vibrant pink, lip spotted crimson.
Pln. Follifoot (Fuego x Arkengarthdale) "Princess Tiger" £15.00
like a very superior limprichtii, but with larger flowers, rich purple with paler but heavily spotted lips. Rated by Dr. Harberd as one of his best hybrids.
Limited availability.
Pln. Fuego (bulbocodioides x formosana) £6.00
lilac mauve, lips frilled and marked deep red, good reliable grower.
Pln. Jorullo (limprichtii x bulbocodioides) £5.00
deep rose pink, lips well marked red, vibrant and attractive.
Pln. Kettlewell (Erh Hai x Tongariro) "Garth" £20.00
broad pink petals, lip strongly marked brick red with yellow throat, strong and sturdy grower.
Limited availability.
Pln. Krakatoa (yunnanensis x forrestii) £15.00
Petals pale yellow, throat deep yellow with strong red markings.
Limited availability.
Pln. Marco Polo (bulbocodioides x Shantung) £8.00
lilac pink, lip pale and heavily marked red and yellow, strong grower with large bulbs. Our own cross.
Pln. pleionoides "Blakeway – Phillips" £6.00
rich pink, throat distinctly shaped and deeply marked with yellow and crimson; early flowering.
Pln. Shantung "Ducat" £20.00
superb rich yellow, lips with deep red markings; queen of the hybrids.
Limited availability.
Pln. Starbotton (Fuego x confusa) £12.50
warm purple, yellow lips heavily blotched with red; highly recommended.
Pln. Stromboli (pleionoides x bulbocodioides) £4.00
dark pink, lips marked deep red, good strong clone.
Pln. Stromboli "Fireball" £7.00
intense magenta pink, lip deeply marked red and yellow.
Pln. Tolima (speciosa x formosana) £5.00
cerise pink, lips marked crimson and yellow.
Pln. Vesuvius (bulbocodioides x confusa) £10.00
deep pink, lip marked red, strong grower.
Pln. Vesuvius Pln. Vesuvius "Leopard" £15.00
rich, vibrant, deep orange-pink flowers, lip orange-yellow with very distinct deep red spotting, much sought after and far superior to “Phoenix”.
Limited availability.
Pln. Vicky (bulbocodioides x barbarae) £4.00
our own introduction, mixed clones, varying shades of pink, lips well marked with deep purple blotches and some with yellow; ideal for cold frame culture.
Pln. Vicky "Sunrise" £10.00
warm magenta pink, lip marked with deep red blotches; throat white, strong grower.
Pln. Vicky "Sunset" £10.00
lip heavily marked red and yellow; free flowering and a strong grower.
Pln. Volcanello (Soufrière x bulbocodioides) £8.00
soft pink, lip pale and heavily marked orange-red, our own cross.

Enquiries regarding any species or varieties not listed are always welcome.

Bargain Lots

Most species and varieties offered for sale may be purchased in “lots” of three to five smaller non-flowering size bulbs to the equivalent weight of a large flowering-size bulb at the same price as the latter. An excellent opportunity to increase your stock. If required please indicate as “LOT” in the quantity column of the order form.

Similarly, single, medium but not flowering-size bulbs may be purchased at half the listed price of flowering-size bulbs. If required please indicate as “MEDIUM” in the quantity column of the order form.


These are available in multiples of 10 subject to availability, we supply these for most varieties at the cost of 20 for the listed price of a flowering-size bulb. (e.g. 10 x Pln.Stromboli costs £2.00).

Recommended Reading

THE GENUS PLEIONE - Phillip Cribb and Ian Butterfield - The Royal Botanic Gardens Kew
ISBN 1 900 347814